• S.D.G. Pipe Organs
  • Millersville, Pennsylvania

  • The organ at St. Matthew Lutheran Church draws heavily on the French Romantic tradition of instruments inspired by Aristide Cavaille Coll. The 3-manual, 47 rank instrument employs electro-mechanical slider wind chests, pneumatic slider motors and electro-pneumatic action for all pedal and several manual stops. The console has a 56-note (C-G) manual compass, a 30-note pedal compass (C-F) and concave pedal board with radiating sharps. The church decided that the mechanism was so intriguing that there is no actual case or cloth covering the chambers. Portions of the instrument are painted brick red as an homage to Aristide Cavaille Coll who used a similar technique for any repurposed elements in the organ. All of the pipe work is either new or significantly altered from a previous instrument. There are no digital stops on the organ and there is a full-length 32‘ Bombarde and a 32‘ Contra Bourdon in the Pedal division. The wind is regulated by four double-rise reservoirs. The console is constructed of Walnut, Birdseye Maple and Macassar Ebony and has several hand carved elements. The pedal toe spoons are handmade. The organ is solid state controlled and has a 250 level memory system. The dedication recital was presented by Olivier Latry, organist titular of Notre Dame, Paris.





    An original name board insignia...







    SDG name board insignia derived from the original.




    Organ Specification  for St. Matthew Lutheran Church, York, Pennsylvania

    Three manual and pedal instrument built in French Harmonic style borrowing heavily from Aristide Cavaille-Coll.


    16' Violonbasse

    8' Montre

    8' Flute harmonique

    8' Violoncelle

    8' Bourdon

    4' Prestant

    2' Doublette

    V Cornet

    IV-VI Fourniture

    16' Bombarde

    8' Trompette

    4' Clairon



    12 stops, 20 ranks


    16' Bourdon doux

    8' Diapason

    8' Bourdon doux

    8' Dulciane

    8' Unda maris

    4' Prestant

    4' Flute douce

    2 2/3' Nasard

    2' Doublette

    1 3/5' Tierce

    II-V Plein jeu

    8' Clarinette

    8' Trompette


    14 stops, 16 ranks


    8' Bourdon a cheminee

    8' Viole de gambe

    8' Voix celeste

    4' Flute octaviante

    2' Octavin

    8' Voix humaine

    8' Basson et hautbois

    8' Trompette


    Etoile tournante





    10 stops, 8 ranks


    32' Soubasse

    16' Contrebasse

    16' Soubasse

    16' Violonbasse

    16' Bourdon doux

    8' Flute

    8' Soubasse

    8' Bourdon doux

    4' Octave

    32' Contrebombarde

    16' Bombarde

    8' Trompette



    12 stops, 3 ranks


    Grand-Orgue a la Pedale

    Positif a la Pedale

    Recit a la Pedale


    Positif au Grand Orgue

    Recit au Grand Orgue Octaves Graves

    Recit au Grand Orgue

    Recit au Positif Octaves Graves

    Recit au Positif

    Cloches de Grand Orgue

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