• S.D.G. Pipe Organs
    Millersville, Pennsylvania

    Our reputation is SOUND
    SDG Organs, located in Millersville, Pennsylvania, tunes and services nearly 100 pipe organs in central Pennsylvania and beyond. SDG’s customers include churches, colleges and universities, and nursing homes. The SDG staff has nearly 100 years of combined experience with its full-time staff of five. In addition to regular tuning and maintenance, SDG Organs is responsible for major pipe organ restorations, re-buildings and additions. The company uses not only the most current and sophisticated pipe organ technology available but also employs techniques that are many centuries old. SDG Organs has earned a respected reputation for prompt, courteous and reliable service, unequaled knowledge of the “King of Instruments” and sensitivity to the needs of each and every customer.
    Our advice is SOUND
    We Listen - Whether meeting with folks from a new church or working with an established customer, our first responsibility is to listen. We first learn what kind of music program is in place.  How does a pipe organ support that program? What is envisioned for future music programs?  Are there problems with an existing instrument? Should it be retained? Would a “rescue organ” (from the Organ Clearing House) be suitable? Should a new organ be built?  After listening and learning, we will provide our proposal.  Often, the proposal may offer several options ranging from bare minimum to extravagant.  From there we work together with the customer to isolate the best option.  Partnering with the customer to achieve a customized,  appropriate plan rewards both parties.  SDG may also assist to make projects affordable by structuring mutually beneficial payment plans.  

    Our product is SOUND
    SDG Organs builds a wide variety of the components used in new and refurbished pipe organs - consoles, wind chests, reservoirs, etc. When components are purchased, we use only the highest quality products available to the pipe organ industry from such companies as Harris, Laukhuff, Kimber Allen, P&S, Organ Supply Industries, Classic Incorporated, and A.R. Schopps. Whether an organ is built or rebuilt by SDG Organs, it carries a 10-year warranty as long as it is maintained by our company or an endorsed pipe organ builder.

    In addition to providing pipe organ components of the highest quality, considerable time is spent in preparing the actual sound producing elements of the organ - the pipes. Each organ pipe is carefully adjusted, first in our workshops but then, and most importantly, in its new home - your sanctuary or recital hall. Our service on the instrument continues long after the dedicatory recital with out 15 year warrantee. Our reputation for tuning is impeccable.

    Your investment is SOUND
    Let’s face it - a pipe organ is a prestigious purchase for a church or educational institution.  Despite the popularity of  electronic synthesizers, the life span of electronic substitutes cannot compare to that of a pipe organ.  (How old is your home computer?)  A pipe organ, when properly constructed and maintained, can last for many generations.   The organ at the Fortress Cathedral, Switzerland, was built in the 1300s and is still playable!