• S.D.G. Pipe Organs
  • Millersville, Pennsylvania



    Jim Hoover

    AIO member; wood worker, chip carver, and luthier.  Jim likes old cars, band organs, collecting organ stuff, herb gardening, and making music.

    Dislikes: cleaning the workbench


    Harold Ulmer

    Shop foreman, designer, woodworker, Lebanon Valley College graduate, former college administrator, preacher's kid.  Nicknamed "Bluto" at work.  Married his high school sweetheart, Janice, in 2013. 2 grand children that call him "Big Poppi".  Currently restoring a carousel band organ.  Past-times include furniture building, gardening, reading, movies, free-hand embroidery (a skill passed down from his beloved grandmother) railroading and photography.



    Tom Althouse

    Tom's hobbies include woodworking, sailing, cooking, computers, and hiking. He has worked as a restaurant manager and tested training simulators. Tom is a graduate of the Pennsylvania School of Culinary Arts.


    Gary Nace

    Gary has loved pipe organs ever since crawling through the chamber at his childhood church. Retiring from municipal management, Gary has "finally" started a second career, organ building, at SDG. Gary and his wife, an organist of course, are currently restoring a four rank instrument for their home.


    Bill Napier

    Born and raised in Philadelphia, graduated from CAPA High School, Philadelphia Restaurant School graduate in Culinary Arts, BS in Music Education - voice - Millersville University.  Married Karen in 1987 and moved to Millersville, Pennsylvania. Three children, and various pets, lives in a timber-framed house that is always in some state of construction or demolition.  Bill loves solving design issues and working with his hands. Karen holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and specializes in orthopedics. (Need new Knees?)


    Dave Hollinger

    Dave is one of our part-timers from rural Lancaster County, and has always been fascinated with organ building. Other interests include astronomy, telescope building and aviation.


    Official Shop dog emeritus. Charlie passed on but lives in our hearts. He left us all with an important lesson:

    Dogs rule, cats drool.











    No comment on any resemblance to any staff member.