• S.D.G. Pipe Organs
  • Millersville, Pennsylvania

  • Messiah College, Parmer Hall, Grantham, Pennsylvania

    The Messiah College pipe organ began its life as the Millersville University Alumni organ built in 1955 by the Reuter Company. Messiah College purchased the organ and began plans to refurbish and install it in the proposed Calvin and Janet High Center for Worship and Performing Arts. The original 35 ranks were expanded to 44 ranks and a modern facade was designed. The console exterior was refinished to match the College’s Steinway concert grand pianos. The console interior is American Cherry with Purpleheart accents. The console is on a dolly and can be connected on either side of the stage. Tonally, the 1955 Reuter was quite advanced and had already incorporated a number of characteristics of the American Organ Revival Movement. S.D.G. Pipe Organs personnel enhanced the instrument’s Principal choruses and added 3 new reeds including a high pressure Trompette Heroique in the Choir division, a 16‘ Bombarde in the Swell and a new Trumpet in the Great division. The 16' Pedal Posaune was greatly rescaled to accommodate the monumental scale of the auditorium. The organ has solid state switching, a 250-memory level combination action and is MIDI ready. The organ also has three 32‘ digital stops in the Pedal division.

    Organ Specification  for Messiah College, Grantham, Pennsylvania

    Three manual and pedal instrument

                                                                New ranks  *             Facade   +             Walker Digital     D


    16’ Double Open Diapason*+

    16’ Quintaten

    8’ Open Diapason*

    8’ Spitzflöte

    4’ Octave*

    4’ Rohrflöte

    2 2/3’ Twelfth

    2’ Fifteenth

    IV Fourniture (1 1/3’)

    8’ Trumpet*

    8’ Trompette Heroïque (CH)

    16’ Great to Great

    4’ Great to Great

    Great Unison Off


    16’ Lieblich Gedeckt

    8’ Principal

    8’ Rohrflöte

    8’ Viole de Gambe

    8’ Viole Celeste

    4’ Octave 

    4’ Flauto Traverso

    2’ Super Octave

    III Plein Jeu

    16’ Bombarde*

    8’ Trompette

    8’ Trompette Heroïque (CH)

    8’ Hautbois

    8' Vox Humana

    4’ Clairon


    16’ Swell to Swell

    4’ Swell to Swell

    Swell Unison Off


    8’ Copula

    8’ Erzähler

    8’ Erzähler Celeste

    4’ Zauberflöte

    2 2/3’ Nazard

    2’ Nachthorn

    1 3/5’ Tierce

    1’ Sifflöte

    8’ Trompette Heroïque*

    8’ Krummhorn



    16’ Choir to Choir

    4’ Choir to Choir

    Choir Unison Off


    32’ Double Open Wood*D

    32’ Contra Bourdon*D

    16’ Open Wood*

    16’ Open Diapason (GT)

    16’ Bourdon+

    16’ Quintaten (GT)

    16’ Lieblich Gedeckt (SW)

    8’ Principal+*

    8’ Flute Ouverte

    8’ Quintaten (GT)

    8’ Lieblich Gedeckt (SW)

    4’ Choral Bass

    4’ Flute Ouverte

    II Rausch Quint+*

    V Grand Çornet* (derived)

    32’ Contra Posaune*D

    16’ Posaune

    16’ Bombarde (SW)

    8’ Posaune

    8’ Trompette Heroïque (CH)

    4’ Clarion



    12 general pistons duplicated on toe studs

    5 divisional pistons on each division with pedal duplicated on toe studs

    Reversibles (thumb and toe) Swell to Pedal, Great to Pedal, Choir to Pedal

    Reversibles (thumb) Swell to Great, Choir to Great, Swell to Choir

    Reversibles (toe) for all 32' Pedal stops

    Tutti I & II reversibles (thumb and toe) with indicator light

    Zimbelstern reversible (toe)

    General cancel

    Transposer (on / off) on thumb – separate switch +6 and -5 half steps

    250 memory levels

    Registration sequencer

    Alt, Set, (thumb) Up, Down (thumb and toe)

    Manual Transfer (Gr and Ch)

    Auto solo, Auto solo tenor

    MIDI (2 channels for each division)

    Crescendo pedal with indicator light

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