• S.D.G. Pipe Organs
  • Millersville, Pennsylvania


    This is Gloria!  

    In the early design stages this instrument was referred to as Little "Orgel", which is German for organ.

    Somehow that changed to Gloria sometime after the front panel was laser etched.

    Originally conceived to play hymns and paying homage to part writing guidelines, the compass of the flute starts at bass F (just below the bass clef staff) to high F (top line of G clef) for a total of 49 notes. The 12 additional bass pipes in this rank provide a common bass for the other ranks. Behind the wooden Flutes in the front, you will see some of the 2 foot Principal. The tall, tapered pipes are the 4 foot Spitzflute. These two ranks have 37 notes each with the 2 foot Principal playing an octave higher. The organ is MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) controlled by a solid state system manufactured in France. It plays from a keyboard or from an SD card. Any music software that can save to standard MIDI format can provide music for Gloria to play.

    Gloria also provides digital sounds! A Bose woofer in the base and two small cube speakers hidden above provide additional sounds. These MIDI controlled sounds provide practically limitless possibilities with hundreds if not thousands of sounds available. We built Gloria as a prototype and showpiece demonstrating the diversity of our capabilities. Gloria made her debut at the Lancaster Convention Center at a United Methodist Church convention.  She was very well received. Primarily intended for individuals or small chapels, the scope and size of an instrument can be suited to meet just about any desire.